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Sports beefs don’t usually leave the court or field, but the NBA season continues to be top any others.

In what may be a first, an NBA player has been arrested for punching another, and no, it wasn’t Draymond Green.

The punch came from Detroit Pistons power forward Isaiah Stewart, hitting Phoenix Suns power forward Drew Eubanks in the face outside of Phoneix’s Footprint Center. It took place in the parking lot prior to the Suns’ 116-100 win over the Pistons on Wednesday night.

There’s been no inkling of why the two were throwing hands before tip-off, but police were alerted that two players at Footprint Center were fighting around 5 pm in the tunnel to the parking lot. Authorities say it started with an argument and ended with Stewart punching Eubanks, who sustained a minor injury. Police separated them before it could get any worse, and Stewart was arrested for assault and taken to a local precinct.

“Around 4:45 p.m. Phoenix police officers were working in a security capacity during a Suns home game at Footprint Arena when they were called to a fight between two players inside the arena’s parking lot,” Phoenix Police Sergeant Phil Krynsky said in a statement. “When the officers arrived, they were directed by security to the players involved. The players were identified as 27-year-old Drew Eubanks and 22-year-old Isaiah Stewart. Officers spoke to both players involved and a number of people who witnessed the incident. Stewart was arrested for assault, issued a citation, and released. The investigation remains active.”

Not to worry, Stewart was already ruled out for the game because of a left ankle sprain, so there was no chance he’d see any playing time either way.

The Pistons have  responded to the one-sided fight, saying that they “are in the process of gathering information about what happened and what provoked it, and responding to the NBA and local authorities.”

There’s been no mention from the league on how his actions could lead to a suspension or fine.

This wasn’t the first time Stewart had an altercation with a fellow NBA player, with his first notable instance coming against LeBron James.

Stewart was the one, with blood streaming down his face, was famously trying to free himself from being held back by Pistons teammates and staff to go after James during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2021. He was suspended for two games, and James was given a one-game suspension in a rare move, too.

See how social media is reacting to the punch below.

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