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French-born baller Victor Wembenyama has scored a victory off the court.

Family can lift you up, but family can also bring you down. That's the case with former two-sport superstar Bo Jackson, the Heisman Trophy winner.

The world of elite runners is mourning today as one of its ascending stars has died. Kelvin Kiptum,24, set the world record in the marathon in Chicago last year.

Let's say you want to watch football and have cut the cord from cable. Where do you go to do it? That question once had a simple answer - to one of the three major networks that carried NFL games -  CBS, Fox and NBC.

Welcome to SZN Opener, the dynamic podcast series that celebrates Black college athletes, exploring their triumphs, challenges and aspirations along their sports journeys. In this episode of SZN Opener, host and noted sports analyst Monica McNutt welcomes Ceyair Wright to the studio. Wright is a rising senior at the University of Southern California who is […]

If you needed a sign to place that parlay on the Super Bowl, this might be it. Gambling’s appeal has widened since becoming legal, and now the king himself is getting involved. Professional athletes are usually barred from participating, but LeBron James has inked a partnership deal with DraftKings sportsbook. It’s against league rules for […]

The Rock is in the building. This time, it was the WWE building as the wrestler-turned-actor signed on to the board of the combined WWE and UFC.

You think you know...but you have no idea. It was the tagline for MTV's documentary series Diary that profiled music stars throughout its 14-year run.