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It’s been over two years since Brittney Griner was freed from a Russian prison, and she is finally ready to talk about her experience. Ahead of her Coming Home book release on May 7, the WNBA star sat down with Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts for an interview that will air as a 20/20 special […]

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Mookie Betts and his Los Angeles Dodgers teammates can boast they got a pair of Kobe 6 sneakers nobody else has, thanks to Vanessa Bryant. 

Grambling Will Come in Shining at HBCU All-Star Game

    The 2024 HBCU All-Star rosters have been revealed and we now know who’ll be playing in Phoenix on April 7 during Final Four weekend. One of those players is North Carolina Central University point guard Fred Cleveland Jr. The Chicago native saw his scoring average nearly triple this season pouring in 15.3 points per […]

Saturday night will be a busy one for sports in the Carolinas, but WFNZ and our sister stations have you covered. The Charlotte Hornets will be in Philadelphia to take on the 76ers at 7 PM. Coverage on WFNZ begin at 6 PM, with The Hornets Postgame Show immediately following the game broadcast. The University […]

The 3rd season of MLS action in Charlotte has just begun and with WFNZ as the flagship of the Charlotte FC Radio Network, we are excited to hear Will Palaszczuk and Jessica Charman on the call for another season full of thrills. Will’s passion for the sport has garnered a lot of praise and attention […]

College athletes have taken another step to gain full agency. First, the NIL ruling allowed them to make some (major) money off of their popularity, but now Dartmouth’s basketball team is taking it even further by attempting to unionize. The Ivy League kids have put forth a pretty convincing argument that all they do for […]

As NBA memorabilia reaches recording-breaking prices, few goods can compare to the prices of jerseys once worn by Kobe Bryant. One of the Los Angeles Lakers legend’s jerseys has sold for an astronomical $915,000. The game-worn top is from Game 3 of the Laker’s battle against the Orlando Magic in the 2009 Finals, and even […]