Charlotte Sports Today

Paul Biancardi (@PaulBiancardi on X), recruiting director and NBA Analyst for ESPN, joins Jeff Rickard on Charlotte Sports Today to discuss all things Charlotte Hornets. Who does he think the Hornets will likely take in the draft and his thoughts on if the Hornets could move back or forward in the draft? Paul Biancardi also […]

FOX NFL Announcer, Robert Smith joins Jeff Rickard to talk about the Dave Canales hire. He was a little surprised by the hire but hopes that he can revitalize Bryce Young after a disappointing rookie season. What from his offensive system will fit with Bryce Young and how can he help him develop? A boost […]

Local legend, Jim Szoke joins Jeff Rickard to discuss the Dave Canales hire, is he excited or cautiously optimistic? How can Dave Canales help Bryce Young develop, and what makes Canales so good at reviving QBs’ careers? Also discussed is the potential concern about having both a first-time head coach as well as a first-time […]

Co-host of Miller and Moulton, David Moulton joins Jeff Rickard to discuss Dave Canales. What is Dave Canales like as a person, and what can we expect to see from the first-time head coach after only one year of being an OC and calling plays? What are some benefits of getting someone with so much […]

Host of the Seahawks Forever Podcast and former play-by-play announcer, Dan Viens joins Jeff Rickard to discuss what Dan Canales brought to the Seahawks organization and how he got the most out of a smaller quarterback in Russell Wilson. Dan also explains why the Seahawks aren’t interested in Dave Canales and how he got to […]