Uber competitive NBA players can always get chippy, but the intensity of the playoffs takes things to another level. And one player who’s not afraid to let his emotions fuel his game is Patrick Beverley. He let his Milwaukee Bucks losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Indiana Pacers push him over […]

Ryan Garcia‘s victory over Devin Haney last month surprised many, but recent drug tests may have tainted that victory. According to ESPN –which attained a Voluntary Anti-Doping Association letter– show that Garcia tested positive for performance-enhancing substance ostarine the day before and the day after the fight. The urine samples were obtained before the fight, […]

X/Twitter may have 99 problems but the NFL's not one.

Just a few days into the NBA playoffs and there’s already a sweep. The Phoenix Suns were the first team swiftly booted from the bracket after losing four straight games to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Anthony Edwards scored 40 points, and his teammates joined in with Karl-Anthony Towns dropping 28 points. The Phoenix Suns tried their […]

Three-time WNBA champion and two-time NCAA champion Candace Parker is retiring from basketball. The 38-year-old who was signed to the champion Las Vegas Aces announced the end of her storied career on social media. “I promised I’d never cheat the game & that I’d leave it in a better place than I came into it,” Parker […]

Lakers fans are once again calling for Darvin Ham to be fired after he didn't listen to LeBron James demand to challenge an obvious bad call that would have easily went the team's way.

Sixers forward Kelly Oubre, Jr. should consider hiring a designated driver after his second accident involving a car in the last six months. The 28-year-old journeyman has added a spark to the Sixers offense in his first year with the team, but off the court, the married father of two hasn’t been as successful. TMZ […]

The 2024 NFL Draft made history. With a record 23 selections, it became the largest draft class of offensive players ever   Caleb Williams It started with the first pick, originally belonging to the Carolina Panthers, it was later given to the Chicago Bears via trade. Surprising no one who knew the Bears needed a QB1, […]

While Boston‘s usually the butt of the joke when it comes to racially charged incidents, it turns out other cities can get just as charged up during playoff games. Indiana Pacer Tyrese Haliburton revealed that a racial slur was hurled at his brother during one of the series’ first two games against the Milwaukee Bucks […]

NIL deals aren’t just getting college athletes paid before going professional; it’s also righting some wrongs. There are rumors of NCAA kids getting paid under the table, showered with gifts for committing to certain schools, or congratulated for their athletic prowess, the most notable being Reggie Bush. The USC running back’s skills earned him the […]