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The Jig 2.0?: Soulja Boy Is Selling Another Video Game Console

Source: Santiago Felipe / Getty

Soulja Boy is once again trying to jump into the video game console market.

Big Draco is reportedly pushing video game consoles, well, at least taking another stab at it. Game Informer is reporting that Soulja Boy is about to start cranking out a new console after selling janky consoles (overpriced emulators) back in 2019 that landed him in hot water, forcing him to “boss up”  due to him ripping off the design for PlayStation’s now-defunct handheld, the PS Vita, and Xbox One S console and removing them from his Souljawatch website.

Twitter handle @Souljagame, which Soulja Boy follows, tweeted on Saturday (Feb.13), “Building a new console from scratch, all new design. All new games. All new deals. Let’s make history,” and announced it was coming soon.

On Instagram, an account with the same name shared a photo of the new console, and honestly, it looks like the “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” rapper could have another legal battle on his hands. This “new console” knocks off PlayStation’s DualSense controller design, which could get Soulja Boy slapped with another cease and desist letter.

There is also the looming matter of what games will play on it and whether Soulja Boy will have permission to use them on the console, which will likely be another emulator.

For those who don’t know, Soulja Boy is big on gaming. He has a considerable streaming presence and launched his own esports organization. He even asked Tony Hawk if he wanted to team up with him to make a new game. But, when it comes to the ambitions of competing with the big boys like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, he’s got some work to do. Also, it would help if he did it without stealing from those companies.

We wish Soulja Boy nothing but success with his new console.

Photo: Santiago Felipe / Getty

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