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Carolina Hurricanes v Florida Panthers - Game Four

Source: Bruce Bennett / Getty

To start Thursday’s edition of The Kyle Bailey Show, Kyle recapped the Canes getting swept by the Florida Panthers. This led to Kyle asking the question of which pro sports team in NC has the best chance to win a title first.

Kyle first gave credit to the Hurricanes for being both the only pro team to win a title in NC, and the most consistent in recent years, but he wondered if this was their best shot and if the Panthers could be on the upswing. The argument Kyle had for the Panthers is that if Bryce Young pans out you could make an argument that Carolina could be a contender within 3 years.

Despite all the squabbling for which team has the best shot, both Kyle and Smoke begrudgingly agreed that the team with the lowest shot is the Charlotte Hornets who are coming off a frustrating 27-55 record, and have gone over 20 years without a playoff series win.


Full conversation from the “Kyle Bailey Show” below: