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Carolina Panthers Introduce Frank Reich as Head Coach

Source: David Jensen / Getty

The newest Head Coach of the Carolina Panthers joined Kyle Bailey earlier today as he discussed the process of getting the job, and how he is looking to improve this team heading into a big offseason.

The conversation with Coach Reich started with Kyle asking how he will use his experiences in Indy to help him here in Carolina Frank noted that every stage in the NFL is a great learning experience and you take some lessons along the way and use them down the road. When it came to meeting David Tepper, Frank got a great first impression of the Panthers owner as you could feel his power, but you could also have a simple conversation about how to build a team as well.

Kyle then asked Frank how he will get the Panthers locker room to buy in on him after many players vouched for Steve Wilks as he responded:

“It’s a hard part of the business as I’ve been on both sides of the coin so you learn to respect the guys you are going against as I do respect Steve Wilks for what he has and will accomplished, but I’m looking to make the most of this opportunity moving forward.”

When it comes to the type of QB he is looking for Frank kept his plans close to the vest, but he said in the NFL you have to have a plan A, B, and C no matter what. Frank also noted that the dynamic between himself and GM Scott Fitterer is a collaboration as Scott will oversee the 53-man roster while Frank will have more of a say on the active roster for gameday.