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Time is a flat circle.

That’s how it feels to read a report by J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star that the Hornets have interest in acquiring Pacers Center Myles Turner this Summer.

The team was linked to Turner at this year’s trade deadline plus last offseason…oh, and the trade deadline before that. The Hornets & Myles Turner have basically become the Ross & Rachel of “will-they, won’t they.”

Turner is a dominant shot blocker who led the NBA with a whopping 3.4 Blocks Per Game this season. Given the Hornets dismal rim defense, he would’ve been a game changer for the Charlotte this season.

Yet our own Nick Wilson took to the air this week to caution Hornets fans about their thirst for acquiring the young big man.

Yes, Myles Turner could’ve been the missing piece for Charlotte in 2021. Yes, he is better than any big man they currently have on their roster. Yes, he would elevate the ceiling of this roster for next season.

Nick (and everyone with a pair of eyes) can tell the Hornets need a starting center in the worst way.

Yet rim protectors are available every offseason and usually at a decent price.

Knicks Center Nerlens Noel was signed to a one-year, five million dollar deal last year and outperformed his contract while averaging 2.2 blocks per game. Former Nets Center Jarrett Allen was traded at this year’s deadline for a future, late 1st round pick. He’s also one of the top rim protectors in the game.

The real question is: Should the Hornets be willing to go all out in trading for Turner? That’s where Nick draws the line.

For Nick, this offseason isn’t just about adding a center. Its about adding the right center and, if possible, the Hornets positioning themselves to add another top level talent next to emerging star LaMelo Ball.

Those two things should be the goal and adding a center shouldn’t be at the expense of adding an upper echelon player, according to Nick. If anything, it should be the other way around.

So what’s the right price for Turner? Nick tends to think the trade starts with PJ Washington or a future 1st round pick. While some might be willing to part with both in return for the prominent shot blocker, Nick is worried that might take them out of the running for a premier talent to park next to LaMelo.

Listen to the full segment below to hear how a Myles Turner deal should work for Charlotte and Stan Norfleet’s response to Nick.  Check out Nick Wilson and Stan Norfleet every weekday from 2-6 pm Eastern on Sports Radio FNZ. You can also follow the guys @NickWilsonSays @StanSportsMan on Twitter and Instagram.