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On Wednesday’s edition of the Clubhouse, Kyle explored a theory that ran through his mind after the Hornets beat Miami on Monday that the Hornets are now just one player away from being a top 4 in the Eastern Conference.


Charlotte Hornets v Atlanta Hawks

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Stan didn’t want to go that far as Kyle did as he thinks they will go as far up as 4 but thinks they would be around 5 or 6. The guys also discussed what moves would need to be made for this to happen as Stan thinks a move like trading for Victor Oladipo would move the Hornets into a top 4 team in the East.

Another item that the two agreed on in this discussion was that in order for this to work the Hornets bench has to play as they have during the current 3-game winning streak, Malik Monk needs to get consistent minutes, and it has to be the right type of matchup if the Hornets were even able to compete in the playoffs this year with that said missing piece.