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Charlotte Hornets v Atlanta Hawks

Source: Todd Kirkland / Getty


There’s 3.4 seconds left.  The Charlotte Hornets need a 3-pointer to tie the game and force overtime. Gordon Hayward is inbounding the ball from the sideline.

Hayward finds a streaking Terry Rozier who catches the ball, Toronto Raptors guard Stanley Johnson is there, Rozier still gets a shot off beyond the arch and before the buzzer.

Rozier has to to alter his shooting motion because of Johnson’s defense, contact is made, Rozier falls to the ground, the shot misses, no call, no basket, Hornets lose.

Rozier can’t believe the officials swallowed their whistles.

Later, the NBA would acknowledge in their daily Last Two Minute Report that the play was in fact a foul and an “Incorrect Non-Call” was made by the refs.


Fouled while shooting a 3, Rozier should’ve been given the chance for 3 free throws.

With the game in the hands of an 81% career free throw shooter, things may have turned out different for the Hornets.

Instead, they lost their third game in a row.

Repeating the previous game’s result has been the norm so far this year for the Hornets.

They’ve been very streaky, every win or lose has been back-to-back or part of a streak.  2 winning streaks, totaling 6 wins and 3 losing streaks adding up to 8 loses.

The Hornets haven’t lost more than 3 in a row so far this year, and this week they’re back at home with a couple of struggling teams coming to town.

The Washington Wizards are first up, coming in with a 3-8 record on Wednesday night at 7:00pm.

Then the Chicago Bulls who have lost 3 of their last 4 play on Friday night at 7:00pm.

Perhaps the Hornets are poised to start a new win streak?

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