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The Director of SKOR North along with Co-Host of Mackey & Judd joined the show as he looked into the idea of Kirk Cousins being traded to the Panthers, and what people in the Carolinas should expect if that happens.

Phil first started by looking at how we got here with Kirk Cousins possibly being traded as he noted that the contract has put them in a situation where they either trade him or extend him to spread out the big money he is owed this year ($45 Million for the Vikings in 2022) and the Vikings are also not in a good spot with their salary cap with a new regime in the Twin Cities which has led to many people wondering if Kirk Cousins could be traded.

Phil then looked at how Kirk Cousins could fit with the Panthers if a trade goes through as he said he would be the gravitational pull that could get the Panthers out of 5 win purgatory to about 8 or 9 wins if he comes to the Queen City as Phil also wanted to mention that the problems that did the Vikings in over the past few years were a bad O-Line and a defense that was declining under Mike Zimmer.

Kyle then brought up that Kevin O’Connell wants to keep Kirk in Minnesota for 2022 as Phil thinks they have to say it at this point and they could go through with that until or if they are brought an offer that they just can’t refuse.