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Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

Source: Grant Halverson / Getty

Until the end of the season, and even at the start of the off-season, there is going to be a lot of talking heads giving their opinion on the job status of Matt Rhule, who is struggling to adjust to life in the NFL, as he is only 10-22 in his brief NFL career. There are many people who think Rhule should be fired, after only two seasons on the job, then there are others that aren’t of the opinion he should be let go. One of those people happens to be a columnist for The Charlotte Observer, Scott Fowler who wrote a piece after Sunday’s loss, saying that Rhule doesn’t need to be fired. He joined Wilson & Norfleet earlier today to explain why that is:

“When you fire a coach, you basically reset everything to ground zero again, and as bad as it looks right now, I don’t think they are at ground zero. I think they have some things going, and if they get an offensive line, and they get halfway decent quarterback play, they will actually be an okay team in 2022, and maybe better than that”

It does appear as of now that David Tepper is leaning towards bringing Rhule back for a third season, despite the team’s long losing streak after a 3-0 start. Make no mistake though, if Rhule does return for a third season, Tepper, Panthers fans, and NFL people will be expecting major results.