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Former Panthers DE Al Wallace joined Kyle Bailey for Monday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he directed the problems for the Panthers after losing to Tampa Bay and the uncertain direction this team faces going into 2022.

Kyle first asked Al what he thinks the mood is in the locker room after falling to 5-10 after a 3-0 start as Al quickly told Kyle that just based on the outside looking in he feels for the guys and thinks they are going through a lot of emotions with confusion and anger being the dominant traits in that locker room right now especially when you hear some of the confusing things Coach Rhule says during his pressers.

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Al then touched on the defense as Kyle wondered if the Panthers defense is overrated as he thinks that is not the case as he thinks getting tired plays a factor but this defense was always designed to go against the pass and what has happened is they have been going against teams that have run the ball more and they have just had their weakness exposed more down the stretch which is the lack of size.

When asked about what the future is for Al was quite frank as he told Kyle:

“I think his time is up. Even when he has protection his throws are just not there anymore, and when you listened to him he sounded like a guy who for the first time in his life is doubting his value as a football player and that is disheartning.”

Al ended by looking at the future for Matt Rhule as he thinks that if he were to be fired it would have been fired by now as he understands the confusion because he thinks Matt Rhule has been too transparent and all over the place with what he sees, but despite all of that he doesn’t see him being the guy who could overcome the problems over the past 2 years long-term.