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Host and Reporter for PFF Trevor Sikkema joined Kyle Bailey on Wednesday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he reacted to the massive coaching changes shaking college football and what he makes of the situation the Panthers find themselves at the moment.

Trevor started by weighing in on the massive coaching changes in college football at the moment and how shocking they are from Lincoln Riley joining USC to Brian Kelly going down to the Bayou of LSU as he finds all of the moves shocking, but what has really stuck out for him is the massive contracts these coaches are starting to get on a growing basis as this was unheard of just a decade ago.

Kyle then asked about where Trevor views the rebuild for the Panthers right now as he said:

“The Rebuild is still going fine, but Matt Rhule are losing some of that buffer room and they have got to get a QB that they can believe in long-term.”

When it came to what the plan should maybe be going into this offseason given the lack of draft capital as Trevor thinks it could be smart to get some veteran help at the OLine in free agency, and maybe think about finding your QB in the draft.