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Twitter Drags Kyrie Irving For Sharing Alex Jones 'InfoWars' Clip

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It’s almost time for the 2022-23 NBA season, and Kyrie Irving is back in full conspiracy theory mode. The Brooklyn Nets superstar is getting blasted on Twitter after sharing a clip of known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones alleging pure nonsense.

Being a fan of the Brooklyn Nets is going to be a chore this season. Known flat-earther Kyrie Irving is back on his bullsh*t and decided Thursday (Sep.15) was an excellent day to show how fringe his thought process is. Getting the conspiracy train rolling,  Irving shared a flier for a “Rally To Restore Normal” happening on Thursday, calling for the end of vaccine mandates that allow kids to play youth sports.

Kyrie Irving Instagram Stories

Source: Kyrie Irving / Kyrie Irving Instagram Stories

From there, it only gets worse as a 2002 clip InfoWars clip featuring loud mouth Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones pops up.

Per The Daily Beast:

Kyrie Irving, unfortunately, shared a 2002 Infowars video on Thursday in which mega conspiracy theorist Alex Jones rants about secret societies, corrupt empires, and government overlords supposedly wanting worldwide rule and a “cashless society, total and complete tyranny.” Jones, who has been sued by victims’ parents for claiming the Sandy Hook massacre was staged, rambles in the video that the government “becomes God, basically, when it comes to your health. And then, by releasing diseases, and viruses, and plagues upon us, we, then, basically get shoved in their system.”

Twitter Is Blasting Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has come under intense scrutiny for his ridiculous anti-vax stance. However, sharing a clip from a man who boldly claims that innocent children being gunned down by a mass shooter was a government hoax is not going over well with people.

The Brooklyn Nets have yet to issue a statement, but Twitter is going ham on Twitter and deservingly so.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

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