Panthers legendary WR turned hall of honor member, as well as NFL Network Analyst Steve Smith, joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as he reacted to the breaking news that Cam Newton is back with the Panthers.

Steve started right off the bat by saying they have increased their chances of winning with this move and it definitely helps the mood in the locker room because Cam gives you a chance to win with being the best QB available. Steve also gives credit for David Tepper allowing this to happen to help them win down the stretch.

When asked about why this deal was made after letting go of Cam back in March of 2020 Steve responded:

“At the end of the day, it’s a marrige of convience. Cam is the best avaible QB in Free Agency, and the Panthers need a QB. That’s as simple as it is.”

Steve then went in deeper into the challenges Cam will face trying to fit into a new offensive system under Joe Brady as he told Kyle that Cam will be able to do the basic stuff quickly, but you have to get him up to speed with the small nuances with the offense from audibles to the terminology of what the play calls are, and even trying to catch some chemistry with his new targets that were not here in 2019 and how they play.

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The last thing Kyle asked Steve was if they could find any way to get an offensive lineman to help the bunch upfront as Steve bluntly told Kyle that what they have is what they have, and any fix is essentially duct tape.