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Planning for the future of Bank of America Stadium

Source: Panthers/ Charlotte FC / Tepper Sports & Entertainment

Early on Monday afternoon Tepper Sports & Entertainment released renderings as well as info on plans to renovate Bank of America Stadium if passed by the Charlotte City Council would take 650 Million in tax dollars to complete. The former Mayor of Charlotte and former Governor of NC Pat McCrory joined Kyle Bailey to break down some of the aspects that could impact the decision from the Charlotte City Council later this week.

Pat jumped right into the details of this proposed deal as he noted that the hotel/motel tax can help in situations such as this one and with the concerns involving how much tax money is being used he noted how some of the other similar markets are doing and a big factor comes down to how the city council negotiates this deal from what happens to PSL’s, parking, as well as how long the deal is in place that needs to be factored.

The conversation would go on to detail how the revenue stream for these taxes will be a big factor in the deal, and Pat weighs in on the Hornets plans for renovations as well.