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At this point, it seems like a near certainty that the Panthers will be taking a wide receiver on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft. The team is in dire need of help around the second-year quarterback Bryce Young after letdown seasons from everyone in the pass-catching room not named Adam Thielen.

On Thursday, the Mac & Bone Show was joined by Ryan Roberts, host of the ‘The First Team – NFL Draft & College Football Show’ and writer for the College Football and NFL Draft Wire, as they discussed some of the best options for the Panthers. The name that came up when talking about how quickly Dave Canales wants to get the ball out of Bryce Young’s hands was one that we have talked a lot about here on WFNZ so far this year. “Ladd ​McConkey ​out ​of ​Georgia is ​a ​kid ​that ​is 5’11, ​185 ​pounds and ran ​four ​three ​something ​at ​the ​combine. ​If ​you ​watch ​his ​film ​at ​Georgia, ​they ​throw ​him ​screens, ​he’s ​a ​quick ​underneath ​separator. ​He ​really ​is ​an ​after ​catch ​guy ​as ​well. ​I ​mean, ​some ​people ​are ​going ​to ​underrate ​him ​being ​a ​white ​wide ​receiver. ​They’re ​going ​to ​kind ​of ​assume ​that ​he’s ​just ​this route ​running ​separator that ​doesn’t ​give ​you ​much ​after ​the ​catch. ​And ​that’s ​just ​not ​Ladd ​McConkey. ​He ​can ​really ​make ​things ​happen ​after ​getting ​the ​balls ​in ​his ​hands.”

Another receiver that Roberts likes as a quick separator is combine star Xavier Worthy. “If ​you ​get ​Xavier ​Worthy the ​ball ​out ​in ​space ​quickly ​and ​you’re ​able ​to ​just ​manufacture ​some ​space, ​he ​can ​get ​open ​quick ​and ​he ​can ​make ​things ​happen ​after ​the ​catch ​as ​well.”

While both of these guys seem like very good options, they are not the guy that Roberts thinks fits the best with Bryce Young’s game. “If ​I ​had ​a ​personal ​preference, ​it ​would ​probably ​be ​Keon ​Coleman. ​He’s ​a ​guy ​that ​I ​look ​at ​and ​say, ​he ​is ​not ​there ​today ​where ​I ​want ​him ​to ​be ​as ​far ​as ​being ​a ​finished ​product, ​but ​​he ​is ​one ​of ​the ​younger ​wide ​receivers ​in ​this ​class. ​He ​is ​6’2+. ​He’s ​212 ​pounds. ​He ​didn’t run a great ​40 ​at ​4.61, but ​he ​is ​a ​very ​explosive ​player. ​You ​can ​tell ​by ​his ​jumps ​and ​his ​short ​area ​stuff and ​he ​reminds ​me ​a ​whole ​lot ​of ​Allen ​Robinson ​and ​the ​very good ​Allen ​Robinson. ​Not ​the ​Allen ​Robinson ​we’ve ​known ​over ​the ​last ​couple ​of ​years. So ​I ​really ​like ​Keon ​Coleman ​a ​lot. ​I ​feel ​like ​if ​he’s ​at ​33, ​I ​would ​take ​the ​plunge ​there, ​because ​I ​think ​that ​that ​size ​and ​that ​ability ​to ​give ​you ​a ​little ​bit ​more ​down ​the ​field ​is ​something ​that ​could ​really ​accentuate, ​hopefully, ​the ​rise ​of ​Bryce ​Young ​this ​offseason.”

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