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Indiana Pacers v Charlotte Hornets

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At this time last week, Charlotte Hornet fans wanted to get to the All-Star break as quickly as possible in what was one of the ugliest seasons in franchise history. As we sit here today, though, fans are the wishing they didn’t have to take a break thanks to the additions the team made at the deadline.

One of the five acquisitions that the team made was Charlotte native Grant Williams from the Dallas Mavericks. In his first two games in teal, Williams is averaging 18.0 points per game, 6.0 rebounds per game and shooting 47.8% from the field and 41.7% from beyond the arc.

On Wednesday, Williams stopped by to talk about the trade to Charlotte and how quickly things gelled for the team following the deadline. One of the other things Williams talked about was restoring the home court advantage here in Charlotte, something the franchise hung its hat on back in the early days.

I’m ​excited ​for ​this ​group ​to ​really ​show ​Charlote ​that ​we ​have ​something ​here ​and ​get ​the ​people ​back, ​because ​I ​remember ​back ​in ​the ​early ​2000s, ​Charlote ​led ​the ​league ​in ​attendance ​numbers and ​they ​were ​there ​screaming, ​”let’s ​go Hornets”. ​They ​weren’t ​there ​screaming ​for ​any ​other ​team. ​And ​I ​remember ​playing ​for ​Boston ​and ​coming ​home ​and ​them ​screaming, ​”let’s ​go ​Celtics”. “​Let’s ​go ​Mavericks”. It ​didn’t ​piss ​me ​off ​at ​the ​time ​because ​I ​was ​playing ​for ​those ​teams, ​but ​it ​pisses ​me ​off ​now ​because ​I ​know ​what ​we ​can ​do, ​and ​we ​haven’t ​necessarily ​put ​the ​product ​out ​there ​yet, ​but ​I ​know ​that ​we’re ​going ​to ​do ​it ​for ​this ​city, ​this ​team, ​and ​I’m ​excited ​for ​these ​fans ​to ​really ​understand ​that ​the ​Hornets ​are ​going ​to ​be ​back ​here ​really ​soon.” ​

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