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Carolina Panthers Press Conference

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The Carolina Panthers head coaching vacancy wasn’t exactly seen as the most attractive in the league. Owner David Tepper was the main reason that most national folks pointed to this as the worst job in the league this offseason after reports during the season of his tampering within the organization.

Those reports didn’t deter the new coach of the team, Dave Canales, though. Canales stopped by with the Mac & Bone Show on Tuesday to talk about taking the job here in Charlotte, turning this team around and his positive mindset. One of the most interesting things that came out of the interview was the first thing that he pointed to when he was asked about why he chose to take the job.

“I look at Bryce Young. In Seattle, we were never anywhere close to getting that first overall pick. We had some success, we were in the playoffs, so we were always in that high 20s in the first round. To have an opportunity to be a part of the development of a player like this is just an unbelievable chance for me.”

One of the other big questions surrounded his second-year quarterback and how they can fix what they saw from him during his rookie season. “My approach with Bryce doesn’t feel like a ‘fix it’ project at all. What I see is an accurate passer, a guy who’s got courage in the pocket, a guy who pops back up and just keeps rocking. He’s just built and wired that way. For me, it’s no different from any other quarterback.”

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