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New Orleans Pelicans v Charlotte Hornets

Source: Jacob Kupferman / Getty

The tossing of drink on to Jaguars fans is the only thing that the nation is talking about regarding the Carolina Panthers despite their first shutout loss in 21 years on Sunday.

Amongst those who have been blasting the struggling fifth-year owner is CBS Sports Radio’s Zach Gelb who went on a rant earlier this week about him.

On Friday, Gelb hopped on WFNZ in his weekly spot with the Mac & Bone Show and discussed why this move reminded him of another controversial owner in sports.

“It’s really James Dolan-like behavior. I’ve seen this at Madison Square Garden where people would have signs that would say ‘Sell the Team’  and then they’d get kicked out of the building. We don’t even know what was said and that makes me feel that it was really nothing and that makes the act even more egregious.”

To hear Gelb’s full comments on the Tepper situation and much more listen to the full clip below and be sure to subscribe to the Mac & Bone Show podcast to listen to the full week of reaction to the Tepper situation.