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Carolina Panthers v Tennessee Titans

Source: Silas Walker / Getty

Almost two hours after Frank Reich got fired, the Wes & Walker Show went on the air on WFNZ earlier today, but their question was the same as many that are either involved with the team or are fans of the team. What’s next? This was supposed to be the first sense of direction for the Panthers under David Tepper, after hiring the highly thought of Reich, supplemented by the best, all-name staff maybe in the history of the NFL, combined with the decision to trade up and draft Bryce Young. It appears as if every decision has backfired on Tepper, who fired Reich, after a 1-10 start, making Frank, the first head coach in NFL history to be fired in back-to-back seasons. Not only has Reich been fired, but so have Josh McCown, and Duce Staley, two guys apart of that all-star coaching staff that was supposed to help turn Carolina back into a winning franchise. And then there is Bryce Young, who is going to endure a play-caller change for the third time in a month, who has lost every bit of confidence that helped lead him to be the #1 pick in the draft last spring, all while CJ Stroud is setting records virtually every week for the Texans.

So what is next? As Wes Bryant mentioned earlier on WFNZ, it’s back on the rollercoaster if you are a Panther fan. Do you trust Tepper to finally get the hire correct, or will he continue to prove he hasn’t learned anything in his short time as an owner of an NFL team?

When Carolina fired Matt Rhule last year, it was celebrated throughout the entire fanbase, as he was seen as the biggest problem in the struggles since 2020. But as Walker made it known during the opening of the show, the fan base isn’t celebrating this firing, because it’s unknown how much will change, once they find a new head coach.

Unfortunately, the feelings that Panthers fans are feeling today, won’t go away until Dave Tepper fields a winner, and delivers on promises he made upon buying the team, and that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

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