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Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers

Source: Kevin Sabitus / Getty

The Panthers season now sits just three days away and, unfortunately, the focus is split between the game and the unresolved contract situation with their top defensive player.

Fifth-year edge rusher Brian Burns missed Thursday’s practice and Tuesday’s walkthrough, sparking some panic from Panther fans about the status of the team’s top defensive player heading into Sunday’s game in Atlanta. Everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief yesterday afternoon when Burns was out at practice in full uniform and participated in certain drills.

Shortly after the conclusion of practice, the edge rusher market was officially reset when the San Francisco 49ers handed Nick Bosa a lucrative five-year deal. Bosa, who is also entering his fifth season in the NFL, signed the $170 million contract which included $122 million guaranteed and made him the highest-paid defensive player in the league.

So the question is, how does this affect Burns’ value? NFL contract and salary expert and writer for CBS Sports Joel Corry joined the Mac and Bone Show earlier this morning to talk about where thinks the number will get to for Burns. “I’m gonna say $27 million a year, four-year extension, $108 million (overall). The second-most amount fully guaranteed at signing is T.J. Watt’s $80 million so you’ll probably be in that vicinity, but you may have a little bit more so you are going above that.”

Corry also said that the Panthers have a huge advantage over other teams when it come to paying out a contract like this. “You don’t pay anybody. Your highest paid player is Taylor Moton. You shipped out D.J. Moore last season, who is a $20 million receiver; you shipped out the highest paid running back last year in the middle of the season. If you’re not gonna pay Brian Burns, then who are you gonna pay?”

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