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Carolina Panthers v New York Giants

Source: Rich Schultz / Getty

Former Panthers QB Jake Delhomme joined Kyle Bailey earlier today as he assessed where the Panthers stand with 1 preseason game remaining, including the performance of Bryce Young so far.

Things started with what Jake has seen from Bryce Young so far as he noted that from what he’s seen so far is confidence from both in and out of the huddle and the game doesn’t look too fast for him at this point. Jake did say he thinks he will have rough spots at times this year, but he is showing a lot of promise for a rookie.

A concern after 2 preseason games is the play of the O-Line as people have to realize it’s 5 guys trying to learn new verbiage together and not having Austin Corbett to start the year makes that harder. Jake then went on to compare it to how long it took for the Panthers in 2008 to really get the running game going as in the first 8 weeks they struggled, and then they became unstoppable in the back half of the season.

When it comes to the preseason finale against the Lions, Jake believes that Frank Reich won’t show much on offense just like he has done in the first 2 preseason games especially since the Lions will be an actual opponent in the regular season.