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With the NBA Draft less than a day away, the Hornets have a massive decision on their hands as Richie Randall of the Buzz Beat Podcast joined Kyle Bailey to preview what the Hornets could do with the 2nd pick.

First things first, Richie shot down the notion of the Hornets trading the 2nd overall pick to a team like the Pelicans because they have a shot to draft either Brandon Miller or Scoot Henderson.

Richie then looked at the 2nd pick as he thinks the Hornets are leaning toward taking Brandon Miller. Richie said he wouldn’t be opposed to the pick as he would bring a lot of great shooting and 2-way potential as well, but he did admit that he would prefer Scoot Henderson with both his athleticism and a higher ceiling in his opinion.

When it comes to how tomorrow’s draft pick could impact the roster this offseason Richie doesn’t think it will make much of a difference despite Brandon and Scoot playing different positions. If the Hornets do take Brandon Miller, Richie noted that it heightens the importance of bringing back Dennis Smith Jr. as a backup PG, and no matter what it feels like PJ Washington will be a priority with Kelly Oubre being the potential odd-man out.