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Source: Harry How / Getty

Chip Patterson of CBS Sports joined Kyle Bailey earlier today as he reacted to LIV and the PGA merging, and what could be the long-term ramifications of the merger.

Earlier in the day the Golf world was shocked when LIV and the PGA Tour announced a merger after a war of words over the last year, so like most people Chip was shocked to hear the news, but unlike most people, Chip notes that an interesting antidote is that this ends all legal litigation between the 2 organizations which could have played a big role in this merger happening.

The one piece that is encouraging for this merger in Chip’s opinion is that this ends any of the possible bans for the PGA defectors to LIV, and it could also lead to a future where you are on the LIV Tour but can still participate in certain PGA Tour events like the European Tour is currently.

Kyle then asked who the biggest loser in this was Chip said it has to go to the golfers such as Rory McIlroy who stood beside Jay Monahan defending the PGA Tour and declining lucrative money from LIV are easily the biggest losers and that makes Chip believe that Jay Monahan won’t be able to survive this.