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Within the last week, Panthers owner David Tepper made headlines in the Queen City as he said “The city has to want it” in regards to a potential new stadium down the line for the Carolina Panthers. Tepper also stated that Bank of America Stadium, which has been a staple of Uptown Charlotte since 1996 won’t be up forever in the same meeting with the media.


On Wednesday’s edition of the Clubhouse, Kyle weighed in on why it would be a bad idea to go through with this, as he cited countless examples from cities who have been economically hurt beyond belief due to publically funding stadiums while we have seen more stadiums in more recent years become privately financed which Kyle thinks shouldn’t be a problem for David Tepper who is worth over $14.5 Billion dollars.

Ron Rivera press conference

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Despite the criticism that Kyle has for Tepper, he still likes a lot of what he has done so far as an owner for the Panthers, but he can never get on board with him on this.