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Draymond Green Thinks LeBron James Trumps Michael Jordan

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty / Draymond Green

The age-old barbershop debate of who’s the best, LeBron James or Michael Jordan, has a clear winner, well, at least according to Draymond Green.

Draymond Green, easily one of the most vocal stars in the NBA, feels there is nothing to debate about when comparing the careers of the GOAT Michael Jordan and LeBron James. LBJ is simply a better player than MJ.

The Golden State Warriors’ hooper made the bold claim while discussing his top five on a recent episode of his show Throwing Bones on the Uninterrupted platform, ironically owned by LeBron James.

According to Green, James’ skillset, the duration of James’ Eastern Conference dominance, and facing better competition separates the Los Angeles Lakers superstar from the Charlotte Hornets owner.

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