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Michigan State v Penn State

Source: Scott Taetsch / Getty

Today on the Mac Attack, Mac and T-Bone discussed the big news of the NCAA Football Franchise returning in 2022. This news was huge on Social Media, and everyone seemed to be overly excited.

This led to the topic on the show of whether or not it is the best sports video franchise of all time. T-Bone says yes it was, and referenced how much fun he had creating a player named “Humdinger Bolton” as a Notre Dame Running Back. Preppy agrees with T-Bone, and says this video game was how he learned all of the school’s fight songs.

Mac says this game is great, but he thinks FIFA is a better sports game. Mac mentions how you don’t even need to be a soccer fan to like FIFA, and it is consistently the most popular video game in the world.

Do you think NCAA is the best sports video game franchise of all time?