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Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions

Source: Rey Del Rio / Getty

Today on the Mac Attack, Mac and T-Bone discuss if Panthers fans should be happy about the team not trading for Matthew Stafford. They ask this question due to everything the Rams gave up that landed him in LA. They also discussed the reports from Albert Breer and others that the Panthers did offer their first round pick, but the Lions declined due to wanting Jared Goff in return from the Rams.

Throughout last week, the guys said they didn’t want Stafford if it would cost pick #8, along with additional picks. Mac called the trade “a blessing in disguise” because he would have been frustrated if the Panthers gave up that much for a aging QB like Stafford. Mac went on to say that Stafford is a nice player, but he didn’t seem to fit the rebuild of what the Panthers are currently doing.

The full details of the trade are the Lions trading Stafford to the Rams in exchange for QB Jared Goff, 2 future first round picks and a third round pick.