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Source: Stephen Ehlers / Getty

Today on the Mac Attack, Mac and T-Bone discuss the possibilities of an MLB team coming to Charlotte. Eno Sarris from The Athletic wrote a piece a few days ago discuss possible expansion cities for the MLB, and Charlotte was one of those cities.

Mac goes into detail on why this really excites him, and he thinks the city would truly embrace it. T-Bone explains why the problem that he sees is the lifetime Braves or Yankees fans in Charlotte, that would have to leave their current team for the new Charlotte team. A lot of the fandom could also depend on the League that the team was in as well.

The guys reference how the Braves are in the NL, so this could further the Atlanta-Charlotte rivalry like with the Panthers and Falcons if that was where the team was placed. The guys also say that if they placed the team in the AL, it could still allow people to be a fan of the Braves and Charlotte, due to them not competing against each other very much.