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Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers

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The legendary WR for the Panthers turned analyst for the NFL Network Steve Smith made an impromptu appearance on Tuesday’s edition of The Clubhouse With Kyle Bailey as he weighed in on the fan bases frustrations with David Tepper and some of the moves the Panthers have made so far in Free Agency.

Steve first started with Kyle wanting to discuss the idea that David Tepper is alienating the Panthers fanbase as he asks the fans what they are looking for as do they want an owner to talk every day or try to work and help the team grow as Tepper could speak to the media about what they want to improve on and then it fails and people will say he lied. Steve also pointed out that for the better part of the last decade we never really heard from Jerry Richardson as Steve said Tepper has talked to the media, but he is not going to explain himself, and more than anything this fanbase wants to win.

Free Agency was the next discussion with Agent 89 as he said while they haven’t made the big splash they have made improvements to the team with some under-the-radar signings which Steve thinks is Tepper’s way of speaking to the fans.

Kyle also asked Steve what he makes of the Panthers contingent visiting the pro days for some of the biggest QBs in the upcoming draft as Steve says that means everyone’s on the same page and they want to make sure what they saw is true with some of these prospects which should be a good sign.

The last thing that Steve touched on was the recent contract extension for WR DJ Moore with the Panthers as Steve said he is a hell of a player who has a bright future and it was the right move for this organization to make.