Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

Source: Carmen Mandato / Getty

The Deshaun Watson saga continues to be the most dominant headline around the NFL as the league gets set to turn the calendar to a new league year tomorrow morning. Last Friday, the criminal cases against the current Houston Texans quarterback were dismissed and while there are still civil depositions that still need to be resolved, the trade market for him has hit its peak since before the allegations were initially brought to light.

Along with the football side of the debate, the morality aspect of pursuing him is also a part of the conversation and rightfully so. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk stopped by the Mac Attack earlier this morning for the first time since the week after the Super Bowl to discuss the Watson situation and explain why teams shouldn’t be ashamed for attempting to acquire him.

“I think there is just more out there to be known before anyone should feel ‘shamed’. We don’t know what he did. We don’t know if he crossed the line. Then the question becomes how long do you wait. When other teams are pursuing the guy that’s when you realize if we don’t do something now, we’re never gonna get a shot at it. The Panthers and every other team pursuing Deshaun Watson look at this as a ten year thing.”

-Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk