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NC State v North Carolina

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Former Head Coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels Roy Williams joined Kyle Bailey and Matt Doherty on Thursday’s edition of The Clubhouse as he discussed how things are different now that he’s retired, and his thoughts of this weekend’s big game between Duke & UNC.

Roy first discussed why he has been out and about so much since he retired last year as he told Kyle that he had a few games circled on his calendar this year to see both former players playing & coaching or some of his former assistant coaches coaching games as he said he is going to Monmouth to see King Rice’s team play tonight.

Matt Doherty then stepped in and asked Roy where he is going to be on Saturday night as he said he will watch the game on TV at home and he noted that people were asking if he would go to the game out of respect for Mike (Krzyzewski) and he said if he actually went it would be phony because he would be cheering for UNC to beat Duke’s butt.

Roy went deeper into the legacy of Coach K as he said that while he still regards Dean Smith as the best coach in college basketball history he says Coach K is right up there with him and it is phenomenal how long Coach K has been able to win throughout so many years.

Matt then asked Roy if he has given any advice to the new man in charge of Tar Heels Basketball Hubert Davis about going into Cameron as Roy responded:

“I watched practice yesterday and did not give him one piece of advice. He’s been around the game for so long he knows how I feel about these games, and all I’ve told him is what a great way to end the season and no one is giving you a chance (to win) but by golly I do!”