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MLB Owners Meetings

Source: Julio Aguilar / Getty

The TV voice of the Atlanta Braves Chip Caray joined Kyle Bailey on Tuesday’s edition of The Clubhouse as he weighed in on the MLB having the first 2 series canceled due to the lockout and some of the questions still left unanswered for the Braves.

Right before the interview started the news broke that the MLB and MLBPA would not be able to reach a deal before the 5 pm deadline as to when asked about the current murky waters the MLB finds itself in as Chip voiced his frustration of the whole situation by telling Kyle, unfortunately, this hurts a lot of people’s livelihoods depend on games being played and why did it take until the last week or so for negotiations to ramp up when we knew the deadline was and the biggest loser is easily the fans of the sport.

When asked to divide blame Chip said he wouldn’t pick sides but he told Kyle:

“It’s Billionares and Millionares as they are fighting over the piece of an 11 Billion dollar industry and what is so dissapointing is that neither side has figured out a way to sit down and talk to each other instead of past each other as both sides are so eager to win that the fans are losing.”

The conversation then turned to the defending World Series Champions in the Atlanta Braves as the biggest question in Atlanta is whether or not Freddie Freeman will return when Free Agency begins as Chip says he has no idea what the outcome could or would be but he hopes that somehow Freddie will be able to stay so he can become one of the lifers for the organization.