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The Hornets GM and President of Basketball Operations joined Kyle Bailey on Friday’s edition of The Clubhouse as he went in on why they traded for Montrezl Harrell, and what he makes of some of the current struggles right before the All-Star Break.

The conversation started with the news of yesterday’s trade for former Wizard Montrezl Harrell as Mitch explained why they made the trade as he said:

“We needed a boost and we are right in the middle of a playoff hunt so we just felt we needed to make a deal and Montrezl is going to help.”

Mitch went deeper into the trade as he said we are going to get productivity as hardly anyone finishes as well as Harrell at the rim and most importantly Mitch Montrezl is going to bring energy and passion to this squad that should help him.

Kyle then asked Mitch if there was serious consideration to making another trade as rumors swirled yesterday about a potential move for Spurs Big Jakob Poetl as he told Kyle that there was a lot of activity on the phone lines before the deadline as a lot of the other GM’s were interested in certain players which shows the improvement they have made, but what halted some of those deals was that some of those deals included guys on longer-term deals which Mitch didn’t want because he wants to keep financial flexibility heading into this offseason which is another plus for Montrezl Harrell who is currently on an expiring deal.

Mitch also weighed in on some of the Hornets recent struggles as they have lost 6 straight Mitch thinks the injuries along with the shooting woes have impacted the confidence of this team, but Mitch points out that it is up to us as a whole to get out of this slug and he thinks getting on the road can help this team bond better and potentially over the hump.