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The writer covering the LA Rams for The Athletic as well as former Panthers beat reporter joined Kyle Bailey on Monday’s edition of The Clubhouse as she discussed what it took for the Rams to get to the Super Bowl, and what she makes of the Panthers current situation.

Things started off with Jourdan breaking down how Mattew Stafford has re-written his legacy this year with this run as she said that he’s the same guy but different as he has found a different version of himself since joining the Rams as he has given headfirst into the culture and outside of his rough month in November he has been spectacular.

Jourdan also raved on the defense as she said she is upset with how little credit DC Raheem Morris has gotten as he had to learn a new style for him all while changes were being made during the season like the trade for Von Miller and a lot of other moving parts, but put the nail in the coffin by being one of the main reasons they finally exercised the demons in the 49ers.

When it came to the current situation with the Panthers Jourdan told Kyle:

“What it really comes down to is finding an identity that is fully understood and then go with it.”