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Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants

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The Panthers Hall of Honor WR turned NFL Network analyst joined Kyle Bailey on Monday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he recapped a historical weekend of the NFL Playoffs, and what he makes of the Panthers hiring Ben McAdoo as Offensive Coordinator.

The conversation first looked at the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs as Steve quickly joined a growing list of people who think what we saw this past weekend was the greatest round of the NFL Playoffs to date as he pointed out that everyone got their money’s worth over the weekend.

The focus then went onto the ending to the Bills-Chiefs game which saw the Chiefs win in OT 42-36 which a lot of people are now wanting to see a change to the OT rules so both teams can get a shot to score a TD as Steve doesn’t think so as he believes the Bills had multiple chances down the stretch and they just didn’t stop the Chiefs and a lot of the complaints are coming from frustrated fans who didn’t like the outcome.

Agent 89 then also heaped praise on the LA Rams for holding strong on the road against the Bucs as he said this team could have easily become an All-Star team that doesn’t mesh well but they are doing the opposite as Matt Stafford, Odell Beckham Jr, and Von Miller have come to this team and made a massive impact throughout the season to go along with the elite play of Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald.

Kyle then shifted focus to the homefront and the Carolina Panthers as when it came to Ben McAdoo becoming the new OC for the Carolina Panthers Steve said:

“The offense has the potential to be good. Both DJ Moore and Robby Anderson will benefit from this as the questions are now who is the QB going to be, what is the future of Christian McCaffrey, and how are you going to fix the O-Line.”