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Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

Source: Carmen Mandato / Getty

Chris “Mac” McClain and Travis “T-Bone” Hancock of The Mac Attack are excited about the news that Texan’s Quarterback and Clemson Alum Deshaun Watson is reportedly looking for a trade out of Houston.

Mac and T-Bone think Watson would look really good in a Panthers uniform.

Deshaun Watson’s numbers this year were ridiculous including 4823 Passing Yards and T-Bone believes he would have received MVP consideration if his team had only gone 8-8 instead of 4-12. has Watson ranked as the #2 QB in the league ahead of Patrick Mahomes and only behind Aaron Rodgers.

So, The Mac Attack made it the topic of their “Ask the Audience” segment today.


What would you give up in your personal life to see Deshaun Watson as QB for the Panthers?

T-Bone said he would give up his dog Mabel (but only to a nice home where he could visit), Netflix and his beloved Hot Pockets.

Mac took it a step further and agreed with a caller that he may give up the “whopee” for life.

Now that’s dedication!

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