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The legendary QB for the Virginia Tech Hokies, Atlanta Falcons, and Philadelphia Eagles joined Kyle Bailey on Wednesday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he reflected on the impact the late John Madden had on his life, and what he thinks the future holds for Cam Newton in the NFL.

Michael started by discussing how much John Madden meant to him and the cool story as to how he dawned the cover of Madden 2004 as he told Kyle

“The night before the 2002 Wild Card Game against Green Bay in the production meeting I asked him If I played well and won the game could he put me on Madden because we were the underdog and he held true to his promise and I became one of the greatest players in Madden.”

Michael also credited John Madden when it came to adjusting to becoming an NFL analyst after his playing days as John told him to work as hard as possible, grow into the role, and just be you and Michael credits a lot of his success as an analyst because of John Madden.


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Kyle then took things to the Queen City to get Michael’s opinion on the current state of the Panthers as he thinks that the talk of firing Matt Rhule doesn’t seem to be the right move because the challenges of being a first-time head coach are huge and it takes 2 to 3 years to really get a good grasp on the NFL much in the same way it takes a QB to get adjusted to the league.

The last topic was the uncertain future of Cam Newton in the NFL as Mike told Kyle that he thinks that Cam can still win your team games, and could become a huge asset as a big backup who could keep things afloat in a 3 or 4 game stretch.