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The Carolina Panthers beat reporter for The Athletic Joe Person joined Kyle Bailey on Monday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he looked at some of the problems that continued to plague the Panthers against the Falcons, and what fans may need to be aware of heading into a gloomy offseason with more questions than answers.

The first Panthers topic that Joe and Kyle looked at was the process for the Panthers and where it has gone in Rhule’s second year as he thinks that it has been going at a start-and-stop pace at best as the process has been well on the defensive side of the ball despite the cracks starting to creep up on that side of the ball, but it has never been the case for the offense as yesterday was the first time the Panthers eclipsed 200 yards since the Cowboys loss in Week 4 as Joe thinks unlike Rhule’s 2nd year at Temple and Baylor, they will not finish .500.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers

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Kyle then looked at the Panthers QB situation with Cam Newton as Joe thinks it feels like we are heading towards another breakup with Cam Newton this offseason based on what has transpired in his return to the Queen City as this is not all on Cam and it is not helping that Matt Rhule has furthered clouded the QB field by bringing up Sam Darnold’s name as Joe said one person he talked to said that when it comes to the idea of Sam Darnold returning at QB responded: “Sure, why not.”

The attention shifted towards the outlook of this offseason for the Panthers and if they can fix the O-Line and the QB hole for 2022 as he doesn’t think the Panthers can ignore the LT or QB hole much longer despite some limited resources as this offseason will really test the evaluating skills of both Matt Rhule and Scott Fitterer, as well as how well Samir Suleiman can maneuver the cap.