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Former Panthers DE Al Wallace joined Kyle Bailey on Monday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he reacted to what led to the firing of Joe Brady, and how this sets the tone for the rest of the year for the Panthers.

The conversation started with Al explaining why he thought that Joe Brady wasn’t going to make it through the bye week as he told Kyle that he thinks it came down to Joe Brady not following the game plan that Matt Rhule wanted as he thinks it proved to be a mistake to go outside the box by hiring a guy like Joe Brady who didn’t fully align with the offensive philosophy of Matt Rhule.

New England Patriots v Carolina Panthers

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Despite the change to the play-calling on offense, Al doesn’t think much will change as the same O-Lineman who have struggled and Cam Newton still isn’t fully acclimated with the playbook. Al also told Kyle that he thinks that QB Coach Sean Ryan should be calling the plays instead of Jeff Nixon as the QB Coach should always get the nod in this situation in Al’s opinion.

Kyle then wondered and asked aloud Al if he thinks that Matt Rhule is losing the locker room as Al quickly told Kyle:

“You lose guys when you don’t win and you have to win games to keep that locker room in tact and you are not doing that. Matt Rhule is not doing that and I think that he’s in more trouble with his job than we realize.”

Al ended by looking ahead to Sunday’s divisional game against the Atlanta Falcons as he doesn’t think the Panthers will fall short due to all of the bad stuff that has happened over the weeks and the guys won’t be on the same page, and this Falcons team seems to be able to go on the road and get wins even if it is not pretty.