Jonathan Stewart shared a backfield with Cam Newton from 2011 to 2017, as the pair combined to run for 8,899 yards and 83 touchdowns while helping lead the Panthers to one of the most successful stretches in franchise history. On Friday morning, Stewart dropped by the Mac Attack to talk about his former teammate’s return to Charlotte and discuss the impact that it will have on the locker room.

“It makes people want to come to work, man,” Stewart said regarding Newton. “The Panthers have guys whose first year of professional football they were locked in quarantine and they have to go through all of these different protocols as rookies and that’s all they know. So getting Cam’s energy, getting his presence, his wisdom, his insight in that locker room is gonna be a game-changer.”

Stewart says the key to success with Cam, though, will be for the Panthers to avoid boxing him in. “My hope for them (the Panthers) is to not box him in. My hope is for them to realize who Cam is as an athlete in this league and what he was before. I mean obviously, there’s going to be a couple of things that he is gonna have to do differently, but just don’t box him.”

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