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Panthers legendary WR turned NFL Network analyst Steve Smith Sr. joined Kyle Bailey for his weekly visit on The Clubhouse as he and Kyle looked at the biggest takeaways from the Panthers poor showing against the Patriots.

The first topic broached to Steve was about the struggles the offense faced throughout the game and how it is becoming the major obstacle holding this team back as Steve agreed telling Kyle that it isn’t one single problem when it comes to the offense as a lot of the blame goes to both Sam and the O-Line.

New England Patriots Vs. Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

Steve went further into his explanation by telling Kyle:

“He (Sam Darnold) is panicking because he is an underage driver in rush hour traffic. You are not going to make good decisions. Who are we going to put back there that is going to do well under duress?!?”

When it comes to fixing the problems the offense has Steve thinks they got to figure out how to stop the bleeding and realize they are not very good and coach up the players and some of the coaches need to be held accountable when it comes to hoping that CMC will be the savior of this offense.

Kyle later shifted on to the defensive side of the ball and what many people inside Bank of America Stadium thought yesterday that Mac Jones made a dirty play on Panthers DE Brian Burns as Steve thinks that Mac Jones was just holding on for dear life and he thinks he wasn’t trying to intentionally hurt Brian Burns.