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NFL: DEC 07 Patriots at Steelers

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Ever since the Bill Belichick rumors in regards to the Panthers vacancy started swirling, virtually everyone has had an opinion on the matter. For Panther fans, the possibility of hiring a head coach that beat you in the Super Bowl is as big a catch-22 as you could get when you consider that Belichick is arguably the best head coach in NFL history. On the flip side, looking at his struggles without Tom Brady makes you question just how great of a coach he truly is. Many people in the football community also believe that the game has passed him by, and he struggles to connect with today’s players.

Last Friday, the Wes & Walker Show broadcasted live from Radio Row at the annual Army/Navy Game, and they got the chance to talk with former offensive lineman in the NFL, Ross Tucker. Tucker was brutally honest about the current state of the Carolina Panthers, including making his criticisms of Ickey Ekwonu’s struggles and the overall roster construction known. When asked about the possibility that David Tepper brings in Belichick, Tucker offered this assessment, “It would not be the best marriage between him and Tepper, but Belichick would bring credibility to Carolina.”

There’s no denying that Tepper is seeking to be respected among his NFL peers, after being shown up by the Colts and Cowboys owners, when both were in town earlier this season. Hiring Belichick would bring instant credibility to a franchise that has been a mockery the last half-decade, but given the current state of affairs, it makes you wonder why Belichick would want to end his legendary coaching career, in Carolina.

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