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NFL: NOV 05 Colts at Panthers

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Following the firing of Frank Reich the day before, Panthers owner David Tepper spoke with the media on Wednesday to discuss the move. In a fourteen minute presser, Tepper answered just eight questions before walking off, leaving a room full of reporter baffled and heated. The fifth year owner spent the majority of the presser pointing to the success that the ownership group has had in just about every other area besides the football.

That approach from Tepper, along with the avoidance of a question Scott Fowler, drew the ire of many around throughout the league, including Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. He joined the Mac & Bone Show on Wednesday morning and was asked if there is any chance that Tepper figure things and find success at some point.

“Most people by the time they reach 66, which is how old he (Tepper) is, are who they are and there isn’t a whole lot of changing going on. They expect everyone around them to change and adapt. They get frustrated. They do things like yell the f-word leaving the locker room because they don’t understand how the rest of the world doesn’t adapt and change to them. I don’t hold out a whole lot of hope that he is going to somehow realize.”

Find out what Florio says is the only thing he can do right now to get things to turn around and much more about this situation and his  new Christmas book that is the perfect gift for the holidays below. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Mac & Bone Show Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.