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Carolina Panthers Introduce Frank Reich as Head Coach

Source: David Jensen / Getty

The Panthers fired head coach Frank Reich on Monday after the team dropped to 1-10 the day after in a loss on the road to the Tennessee Titans and had owner David Tepper yelling an obscenity on the way out of the locker room. That seems to have been the sign that the move was coming from the team’s fifth year owner who has now fired three different coaches in season.

On Tuesday, Tom Pelissero, NFL insider for NFL Network who originally broke the news of Reich’s firing stopped by with the Mac & Bone Show to talk about how everything went down behind the scenes. While this may have seemed like a pretty quick decision from Tepper, Pelissero said it was a something that had been that was being talked about in the building.

“This has been brewing for weeks and Frank Reich knew that it was brewing for weeks. There was intense frustration and this is not solely from David Tepper, but from everybody involved about the state of the offense. About the fact that when you watch Bryce Young, he didn’t have a chance out there. The last thing that David Tepper wanted to do after moving on from Matt Rhule midseason last year was move on from Frank Reich this year. But at some point, when you’re watching the same game every single week and the quarterback is not getting any better, you come to a point where it is we need to salvage something from Bryce Young’s rookie season. We can’t have him broken by the end of it.”

To hear Pelissero’s full comments, check out the link below and be sure to listen to every hour and interview from the Mac & Bone Show wherever you listen to your podcasts.