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With another Panthers loss, the team fell to 0-5 on the season. A season that began with Panthers fans excitedly standing in the rain to be a part of the NFL Draft celebration and to be there when their favorite team selected the #1 overall quarterback, who was expected to lead this team into the next era of fun Panthers football. A season that started with the organization saying their team was improved at all, but one, position and with a newly assembled All-Star coaching staff that was supposed to ensure their young quarterback was put in a position to succeed. Through five weeks, that has not been the experience, but more than that, the frustrations that Panther fans have felt for years, have come rushing back.

People are seeking answers from Head Coach Frank Reich, but for most fans, while there’s a frustration with this season, more than that, this is continuation of the irritation that has grown since David Tepper took ownership, back in 2018. During Tepper’s first season as the owner, the team went 7-9, a mark that still stands as the most successful season, in Tepper’s time at the helm. Starting in 2019, the constant churn of decision makers has been arguably the most consistent part of the operation. Regardless of who has been picking players or plays, wins have simply not followed.

With both the Jets and Jaguars winning this past Sunday, the Panthers are now tied with both teams, for the worst winning percentage in the league since 2019, at 31%. All three teams currently sit with records of 22-49 (since 2019). Ten teams, during this stretch, have won 40% or less, of their games. Needless to say, it’s not the company you want to keep.

Worst NFL Records since 2019 (through week 5 of 2023)

Atlanta – 28-43 (.394)

Washington – 27-43-1 (.387)

Chicago – 26-45 (.366)

Detroit – 24-45-2 (.352)

Denver – 25-46 (.352)

NY Giants – 24-46-1 (.345)

Houston – 23-47-1 (.331)

NY Jets – 22-49 (.310)

Jacksonville – 22-49 (.310)

Carolina – 22-49 (.310)

Because this team has struggled for half of a decade, the Reich/Young experience feels like more of the same. As frustrations have built this season, some have taken aim at Frank Reich and Bryce Young, but the overarching issues were present before either of them stepped foot in Charlotte. The jury’s still out on how their time in Charlotte will ultimately play out, and they have not inspired confidence in their first month plus, but this season has been a continuation of the status quo for Panther fans. In 2019, there were 8 straight losses, in 2020, 8 losses in 9 games, same for 2021, and 7 losses in 9 games during the 2022 season. The expectation of winning or even competing has been eroded over these five seasons, and that has fueled much of the anger currently being voiced. With some within the fan base ready to move on from Coach Reich and/or Bryce Young, it’s time to recognize that no one hire will instantly turn this franchise around.

Once again, Panther fans find themselves with no answer, other than, Keep Pounding.