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New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers

Source: Perry Knotts / Getty

The Panthers will be looking for their first win of the 2023 season on Sunday afternoon in Bank of America Stadium against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings will enter in the same boat as the Panthers after three straight one-possession losses to begin there season and will be hoping to keep themselves alive after a slow start.

Throughout the day on WFNZ, our personalities have been giving their predictions for Sunday game which will see rookie quarterback Bryce Young return to the field in the quest for that first victory. Here’s a look at each guy’s prediction for the weekend.


Chris McClain: 30-24 Vikings

“I don’t know if Bryce and this offense are ready yet to a game that a shootout type game. I think Bryce will make more plays than he has, I think he will look improved. I think the Minnesota defense will help us. It doesn’t help we’re missing three defensive starters. I think we can win this game. I just can’t go there, man, and I hate it.”

Travis ‘T-Bone’ Hancock: 34-30 Vikings

“I think the storyline on Monday is, Panthers are 0-4, but we’re gonna focus on the offensive strides that they appeared to make in this game. I just don’t trust the defensive guys that are out there. No Shaq. Horn’s out.  Woods is out. It’s not an ideal matchup against that passing game. They’re desperate too don’t forget.”

Jeff Rickard: 24-22 Panthers

“If it doesn’t happen now, it gonna be a while and I think that helps. 24-22, I think the Panthers can get the win. I have not picked them yet this year.”

Colin Hoggard: 24-20 Panthers

“It’s hard to pick when your team is 0-3 and you got a rookie quarterback. I do think that we’re gonna see the Bryce Young that we thought we were gonna see straightaway in this one.”


Walker Mehl: Panthers

“If it’s not here then when? I’m going with Carolina knowing I’m gonna drop one for an L the next couple of weeks. Give me Carolina.”

Wes Bryant: Vikings

“I’ll take the Vikings in a blowout.”

Josh ‘Fitty’ Marlow: 38-21 Vikings

“I’ve picked the Panthers all three games and they’re 0-3. Give me the Vikings, I don’t think it’s close, 38-21.”

Kyle Bailey: 28-23 Vikings

“My concern is that Carolina’s defense won’t be able to get off the field. For Adam Thielen, this is the Adam Thielen revenge game. Hopefully we get some blood and guts type of effect here, that would be fantastic. Adam Thielen knows what Minnesota fans have been saying about him all offseason since he left.  I know if I was him, I would want to play a big game on Sunday. Clearly, you want to play well all the time, but especially Sunday against Minnesota. If I’m Adam Thielen, I really want to ball out and Carolina and Bryce Young could absolutely use that.”

Evan ‘Smoke’ Ludwig: 34-31 Vikings

“0-4, holy crap, but the offense finally showed some life. The blitzing kind of scares me. I think they will get a couple of them to go home and get to Bryce Young, but I also think that means there will be a lot of open avenues. I think Carolina, in this scenario, is probably going to lose in a shootout. I’m not going to take Carolina in a shootout because I trust Kirk Cousins more.”