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Miami Heat v Charlotte Hornets

Source: Jacob Kupferman / Getty

The Charlotte Hornets are just 23 days away from selecting what could be another franchise player to pair with former No. 3 overall pick LaMelo Ball. At least we think so.

On Wednesday morning, Field of 68 college basketball analyst Terrence Oglesby stopped by with the Mac & Bone Show for a little bit of NBA Draft talk. While the guys were excited about his idea of taking Scoot Henderson with the second overall pick, they were a little shocked by what he said he would do with LaMelo Ball in that circumstance.

“I’d be looking to move LaMelo Ball to put the ball in Scoot Henderson’s hands,” Oglesby told the show. “If I’m thinking for long term success and I’m thinking how can I get to the playoffs sooner rather than later, I would start to look into that possibility a little bit.”

The big debate so far when it has come to the idea of drafting Henderson at No. 2 has been whether he can work well with Ball. Oglesby doesn’t necessarily see that as the issue, but does have questions about playing Ball as the catch-and-shoot guard. “LaMelo has to have the ball in his hands. The thing is, the more Melo has the ball in his hands, the less that Scoot Henderson has it in his hands. I would want the ball in Scoot’s hands as much as possible.”

Mac and Bone would respond to this idea from Oglesby later in the show which you can hear below.